Border Station Press was founded by Brigadier General Sir Percival Frog-on-Thames in 1911 in a small outpost of His Majesty George the V’s empire. The press was originally established to reproduce fragile, hand-drawn maps of the treacherous passes through the Man Gom Shadam mountain range in eastern Stanistan. Sir Percival soon expanded the press to include the publication of his own personal writings, the most famous of which, The Beds and Breakfasts of Outer Mongolia, is now in its tenth edition.

Following the First World War, Border Station Press saw a period of expansion including the establishment of offices in Bellport, New York. Tragically, Sir Percival disappeared while attempting the first camel-mounted crossing of the infamous General Tso’s River, located in what is now modern China. The Border Station logo depicts Sir Percival’s trusty campaign helmet, which was discovered along with his beloved camel Louella on a small island some 500 miles from where the river flows into the South China Sea. Remaining true to his memory, Sir Percival’s heirs are committed to continue to print books by authors of exceptional quality and high moral character.