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Everyone should have a name.

With that thought Gracie Fisher steps into her backyard on a moonlit summer night. Leaving her sleeping parents behind, following her nervous cat Roscoe and a kitten harboring an ancient secret, she embarks on an adventure leading far beyond her father’s vegetable garden, to a domed forest-city tethered to the Moon. There, she faces a terrible danger from the prehistoric past and a grave threat to all humanity.

Read Meepcha and the Lost 100

Soot, ash and cinders-the fire burns brightly but something always remains behind.

An ancient and formless evil was released during the battle in Nova City, an evil that has found its way to earth. One hundred of the mysterious automata, the Ergasi, are missing as well. Without their care, Nova City will be doomed to drift in space forever. Now it is up to young Gracie Fisher, her feline guardian Roscoe and their companions Dondo, Bear and Mimyat to set things right, and to somehow reunite Mimyat with her long-lost twin sister Meepcha along the way.

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Men at Arms

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William S. Russell III

William S. Russell III lives in New York with his wife Susan and three cats, Joon-yip, the Feepster  and, of course, Chermpf. He has returned to teaching post-secondary special education, cleans up hairballs and translates cat in his free time.